Letter from Sri Yukteswar to Yogananda

Inner Culture, May 1936

11 August 1926

Child of my Heart,
O Yogananda!

Seeing the photos of your school and students, what joy comes in my life I cannot express in words. . . . I am melting in joy to see your Yogoda students of different cities. Beholding your methods in Chant Affirmations, Healing Vibrations, and Divine Healing Prayers, I cannot refrain from thanking you from my heart. Seeing the gate, the winding hilly way upward, and the beautiful scenery spread out beneath the Mt. Washington Educational Center, I yearn to behold it with my own eyes.

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  • The spiritual hatha yoga based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
  • "The secret of meditation is… relinquishing outward attachments and affirming divine freedom within." – The Secrets of Meditation, by Swami Kriyananda
  • Kriya Yoga is an advanced technique for spiritual evolution that comes down from higher ages of spiritual enlightenment.