On the way to India

Visit to Theresa Neumann, Inner Culture, September 1935

Glowing descriptions keep coming in describing the wonderful time the Swami and his companions are having as they travel by automobile through the different countries of Europe.

They are overwhelmed by the ineffable beauty of the scenery, the quaint native dress of the different peoples, and their strange, interesting buildings and customs. They marvel at the windmills and cheeses of Holland, the forests, castles, and the Rhine and Danube rivers in Germany, and the majesty of the snow-capped mountains and crystal clear lakes of Switzerland.

Swami and the others are too happy, excited, and busy about it all to write much in detail and we shall have to wait, except for the barest outline, until they return, for the complete story.

However, they have had one truly astounding and sublime experience. In Konnersreuth, Germany, they saw and talked to Theresa Neumann, the young woman who bears wounds like those inflicted on the body of Jesus when He was nailed to the cross, and who passes through His experiences in a state of trance, or ecstasy, each Friday. At these times, blood flows from some of the wounds, and from all of them at Easter. It has been several years since she has eaten any physical food. She does not even drink water, but is sustained entirely by spiritual power.

The Swami and his party talked with her on Thursday and were invited to see her in the state of ecstasy on Friday. All agree that it was a most wonderful and awe-inspiring experience and that she is a real saint. The Swami will write some articles describing her when he returns, and it would be well for you to be informed about her before that time. It is very probable that the libraries have the booklet giving the details of her life. If not, one can be procured at any Catholic Church. Swami is especially pleased at having seen one so highly developed spiritually in the western world.

On July 24th, the Swami lectured in Rome as a sequel to his very successful reception and lecture in London, where he was introduced by Sir Francis Younghushand. He received tremendous response there and his message was sent from there all over India.

The party expects to reach Calcutta August 22nd. (More news next month).

—By S. E. M.

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